A gathering for permaculture teachers and those wishing to develop people centred and creative permaculture teaching skills.

The event

The main aims of this event are;

In addition to these primary aims, other suggested and/or requested functions for this gathering include;

The Venue

Dial House is a sixteenth century farm cottage nestling deep in the countryside in Essex, England, fringing Epping Forest. Since 1967 the place has been an anarchist-pacifist open house, the base of operations for a number of cultural, artistic and political projects ranging from avant garde jazz events, the founding Free Festival movement (eg, Windsor and Stonehenge) and the anarcho-punk band Crass. After some years away from the public eye, residents Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher have decided that Dial House should become a 'centre for dynamic cultural change', including the hosting of permaculture events.

An area of the Dial House garden is being developed (at permaculture courses and other events) as a semi-autonomous venue for gatherings, and includes indoor and outdoor classroom space (which can double as a mini-cinema), a fire-pit and a compost toilet as well as a pond, willow dome and (I've just been told) a new living willow seat.


Principally camping in the Dial House garden. There will be LIMITED accommodation in the main house at a cost of £5 per person per night. This will be on a first come, first serve basis


This will be a self- catering event. In addition to the food we will buy (Ron and I will get some supplies beforehand) we will also request food contributions be brought along. This has worked very well on the Introductory courses we have run at Dial House, with a great diversity of contributions creating some very wonderful banquets!
Food preparation will be a communal shared event, again, this has worked very well on our intro courses and has been just as important to the dynamics of the courses as official `teaching' time.

There are supermarkets in nearby Epping and an organic farm shop (Ashlyns) about a mile from Dial House. Also some basic provisions can be picked up in North Weald Village, Pen and Gee will no doubt also be able to advise of any local bargains or other wheezes for getting cheap food in the area...

Catering will be primarily vegan/vegetarian, both for reasons of `lowest common denominator' (ie, everyone can eat vegan/veggie food) plus food storage/ Health & safety issues are largely circumvented by using mainly dry goods and fresh veggies. Also please respect that Dial House is a vegetarian household.

Arrivals and departures

You are welcome to arrive any time from Wednesday lunchtime (we (Graham & Ron) plan to be on site from about 11am onwards) and we aim to finish at 5pm on Sunday. It is likely that you will be able to stay on after if you wish, although this will need to be negotiated with Penny and Gee.

Travel arrangements

The nearest station is Epping, which is the last easterly stop on the Central Line (The red underground line from London). North Weald is 3 miles (bus, taxi or Shankses pony) from Epping, and Dial House is one mile outside of North Weald, along a private road. Full directions (including for those coming by infernal combustion powered vehicles), including a map, will be sent by snail-mail on receipt of your booking form/deposit.

Basic costs of £60 for the full 5 days per person (or £15 per day for those not attending for the full event) to cover food, admin costs/expenses, etc, plus make a contribution to Dial House. Dial House will also make an additional £5 per person per night charge for anyone who wishes to have indoor accommodation in the main house. No additional charges for those who will be camping. There may also be additional 'pay as you go' specialist sessions and workshops which can be negotiated at the start. Diploma accreditations and tutorials will also need to be negotiated as separate 'bolt on' costs.

Things to bring

Food for lunch breaks and contribution to shared vegan/vegetarian meals; weather appropriate clothes/footwear & change of clothing; towel; work gloves; torch; plenty of energy & enthusiasm; musical instruments & songs for Saturday evening party and permaculture songs project; anything we havenít thought of....

Look forward to seeing you there!

Ron Bates & Graham Burnett (Dip Perm Des).


Put forward YOUR ideas for this event by subscribing to the Permaculture Teachers (UK) e-list at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Permaculture_teachersUK

For more information about the Dial House Centre for Dynamic Cultural Change visit; http://www.southern.com/southern/band/CRASS/dialhouse.html

Photos from previous Dial House permaculture courses http://www.gb0063551.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/coursepics/page.html

Compost toilet building weekend at Dial House http://pages.unisonfree.net/gburnett/compostloo/essay/compostbog.htm

Any other questions or concerns contact Graham, 01702 303259, grahamburnett@blueyonder.co.uk or visit http://www.spiralseed.co.uk/


BOOKING SLIP; Return to 35 Rayleigh Avenue, Westcliff On Sea, Essex SS0 7DS



Number of places required;

Numbers wanting indoor accommodation (limited places- see below);



Cost £60.00 per person for the full 5 days including camping, or £15 per day for part of the event. Indoor accommodation (limited places) available at an additional cost of £5.00 per person per night. Map & directions will be sent on receipt of this booking slip and/or a deposit amount. Please make cheques/POís payable to 'SPIRALSEED'